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  • Printing & Dyeing Wastewater
    Printing & Dyeing Wastewater
    Yi Da Manufacturer co.,Ltd Cambodian factory, which is subordinate to Crystal International Group , is mainly engaged in the production, processing and operation of various clothing. A large amount of rinsing wastewater, with high COD, BOD,
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  • Vocs Treatment
    Vocs Treatment
    Sansui, a globally recognized brand name and one of the World leaders in consumer electronics,In the production process, its tin furnace and reflux furnace produce a large amount of VOCs, which can be absorbed by the respiratory tract, skin and digestive tract and belongs to the low toxicity category.
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  • Food Industry Wastewater
    Food Industry Wastewater
    Guangzhou Nanqiao Oil Co., Ltd., is well known as the manufacturer for various oil products ,and because of the expansion of the company, the highest concentration of CIP wastewater can reach 80T, and the highest COD of wastewater can be up to 10000mg/L.
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