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Vocs Treatment

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Vocs Treatment

Sansui, a globally recognized brand name and one of the World leaders in consumer electronics,In the production process, its tin furnace and reflux furnace produce a large amount of VOCs, which can be absorbed by the respiratory tract, skin and digestive tract and belongs to the low toxicity category. If it is directly discharged without treatment, it will affect the indoor environment of the plant and the living environment of surrounding residents.


In view of this, design and construction of the VOCs treatment system of Sansui Zhongshan Branch was undertaken by our company with a total treatment capacity of 175000m³/h ,helped the company solve the problem of VOCs treatment perfectly, and the emission indicators met the following standards (DB44/27-2001).





Allowed max emission concentration


Allowed max emission concentration


Chimney height


Tin furnace & reflux furnace VOCs

Tin and its compounds







We attach great importance to the recruitment of talents. At present, the company has 2 constructors and 3 associate constructors, which can ensure to provide clients with the most professional, comprehensive and suitable environmental protection solutions.

Guangdong Zhongqiang environmental protection equipment Engineering Co., Ltd.,is a professional environmental pollution treatment company, engaged in the design,construction, equipment production, installation

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